The global aviation marketplace is filled with various options and solutions. EB Sports offers a unique consultancy approach using over twenty years of experience to chart individualized solutions for each client. We will help you determine the perfect fit for you based on group size, destinations, clientele and budget. The EB Sports method consistently delivers the best choice, value and peace of mind for your next air charter program.


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We provide an unparalleled
combination of:

-- Best selection of aircraft sizes and seating classes to meet your specific needs
-- Unique access to a charter team versed in event and destination management to assist in your decision-making process
-- 24 Hour flight management during your air charter experience
-- On-site operations management option in your arrival and departure cities
-- Unmatched level of charter assistance throughout the entire process from plane selection and DOT flight filing to catering, and check-in and arrival operations



Whether your travel is for a sports team, corporate group, celebrity junket or a transportation program, EB Charters can help you get the perfect plane that meet your needs. Chartering an aircraft can give your group many advantages, from private security screening to avoiding the crowds and the wait times in an airport.


We realize that chartering a plane can be intimidating or confusing, even for the more experienced charterers. There are always new airlines, plane types and security regulations – EB Charters is here to guide you through the process. From plane selection, pricing, contracting and filing your flight with the Department of Transportation to managing your flight logistics and tracking your progress from check-in to claiming your luggage on your return, EB Charters can be by your side, ensuring all facets of your flight program run as smoothly as possible. This is the true power of EB Charters. With our roots in hospitality and tour management, our staff provides an unparalleled level of experience and assistance to our charter clients from start to finish!